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The Footwear Care Brown Paint

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The Footwear Care acrylic leather paint can be mixed with other colours to create a colour you desire. We recommend applying more thin coats rather than fewer thick coats for best results. The Footwear Care paint is water-resistant and flexible when applied correctly. Check out our site and channels for more information on all of our products.


Shake before use. The Footwear Care acrylic leather paint may be applied by airbrush or paintbrush. We recommend thin multiple coats when applying. Make sure the surface is clean. Use The Footwear Care Deglazer before painting on leather and The Footwear Care acrylic finisher to give a protective layer and sheen after painting. The Footwear Care acrylic paint is an eggshell sheen as standard. Mix with The Footwear Care additive when using on other materials such as fabric or plastic. Use warm soapy water to clean the surface and any items used.

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